Little ways to Boost! your productivity

Spending a minute waiting for a meeting to start? Or in a phone queue? There’s tons of little to-do’s that you could use that minute for.
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Hmmmm – CEO by the age of 60 then

I am 37 years old, turning 38 in January. I wish to believe that the the gender gap does not exist, really. Unfortunately, research now shows that female CEO’s had a track record of 23 (!) years at the same company before becoming a CEO, whereas men were considered after only 15 years.

The median long stint for these women CEOs is 23 years spent at a single company in one stretch before becoming the CEO. To understand whether this was the norm, we pulled a random sample of their male Fortune 500 CEO counterparts. For the men in the sample, the median long stint is 15 years. This means that for women, the long climb is over 50% longer than for their male peers.

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What is the difference between Leadership and Management, a question frequently asked.

What is the difference between Leadership and Management, a question often asked. One of the quotes that is featured a lot is ‘great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done’. In my (humble) opinion however, as a leader you don’t show somebody else how it’s done.

I believe that by asking the right questions you can trigger someone to find the best route themselves. Without you showing how. ‘Why did you choose for this option over the other?’, ‘Did the alternative routes have any positives that you could incorporate?’, ‘What risks do you foresee, and have you got any ideas on how to tackle them?’, ‘Who could help you with this?’, and so forth. By helping them to find their own answers, you will help them grow. They will stretch beyond their own expectations, which will lead to a positive mindset and attitude. It’s important hat people believe in themselves, that they know they are smart enough themselves to take that next step.

It is difficult sometimes to take the time to ask these questions. Many times it is easier to just show them the route from A to B. In the end though, it will safe you time because by asking questions over and over again, you give your team the power to find their own solutions. You help them get fit for their future.

Check out this infographic and choose which type of person you’d like to work best for. And what type of person you’d like to be.

Personal Branding

Who are you in your specific environments? A parent, a friend, a co-worker, a manager. Each time of the day you fulfill a different role.
How do the other’s see you? Do your kids see you as a parent, or as a friend? Do your co-workers see you as a hard worker, or as a specialist who knows what (s)he’s talking about? And do your employees see you as a co-worker, or as their leader?
Watch this very useful video by Harvard Business Review about Personal Branding

Crowd funding teaches us about language!

Crowd funding teaches us about language!

A recent study from researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology found that the language used in Kickstarter campaigns affected the likelihood of a project meeting its funding goal. The study analyzed more than 45,000 Kickstarter efforts and found that certain phrases were often linked with successful campaigns.

Could we use this knowledge in marketing?